CDLP gathered guests and employees to celebrate the realise of a new collection. We have been part of their events multiple times, this one in a dazzling space in the middle of Stockholm.

Among dancers, a Dj, photo booths and an open bar, we stood proud baking our pizza. Much needed energi allowing the party to continue all the the way to sunrise. We brought in extra hands to run around handing out the pizza slices to ensure that everybody could rejoice over fresh pizza

Another reoccurring customer that does’t miss an opportunity to please their employees. This time a welcome back to office event for over 500 people. 

To ensure a smooth flow for such a large gathering of people we spread ourselves out at four locations in their office. So no matter if the guests where hanging out at the games room or getting their fortunes read, they could always reach for a slice.. 

Creative Meetings
We are glad to have had the opportunity to be part of creative meetings events. Both big and small. This particular event was a company event where pizza had particularly been asked for. To make things easier we brought a team of five people. 

Not only were we behind the pizza-bar, but also the drinks-bar. The rest of the gang made sure all things ran smoothly and the place was kept nice and clean throughout the evening. 

Fair Investment
Conventions are a common occurrence. Companies hire us to make their booth attract the most people. The mouth-watering smell of pizza is hard to resist for the crowd. From building sector conventions to university inspiration nights. 

The picture shows our view at Bro Hof Golfclub. A beautiful sunny day where hungry golfers stoped by to eat pizza and have a beer in comfortable lounge-chairs. Fair investment had hired us for the day and we had a great day with them. 

iBoxen had a casual after-work at the office where we brought more than only pizza. Our charkuteri platter with fine sliced meats alongside creamy and hard cheese. Freshly baked focaccia to complement. Ending with tiramisu and panna cotta made from our in-house chef. 

Graduation parties
We cannot show examples of caterings without mentioning our busiest time of the year. Graduation. Each year from the last week in may to the second week in June we spend all day and night working so that we can show up at as many happy newly examined students parties as possible. 

Early summer warmth combined with happy, singing students is hard to beat. We have become a favourite as we fit straight into easy going events where we save parents from spending all day preparing food and instead can focus on having a good time. 

Extremfabriken – RedBull
We always have a good time working with people that share our high energy. What better than an obstacle course? We stood by the finish line handing out pizza to all the incredible people flying around the course as if it where nothing. 

Both young and old took part. There is no place we can’t set up our pizza-bar and with the possibility of making all pizzas gluten-free, vegan or laktos-free everybody can take part leaving nobody hungry. Extra important after completing such a relentless course. 

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