Our business idea stems from the genius of Per and Rickard that one day decided to bring a restaurant to the guest. Why should always the guest come to us? A few weeks later and we’d build our first portable pizza-bar and had delivered our service to a range of customers. BMW’s showroom, Emelies graduation, Felix and Johannas wedding and Handelsbankens Christmas party, only to name a few.

For many, catering is seen as a luxurious service. The idea of having a chef at home is not something people would even consider. We see it as simple alternative to buying and prepare food yourself. And besides the freedom of not needing to spend your day preparing, we create a spectacle with our charming chefs. All this for a competitive price cheaper than buying ready-made buffet food from your local supermarket. We became the first pizza-catering of our kind and today are highly regarded by our fantastic customers. Whether it’s for an office after-work, house-party or wedding, we are there to add the extra oomph and yum to events. 

We take pride in our reviews of tasty food, the fun we bring, and not least, the customer service we deliver. We know that people want their event to be remembered. Similarly, we see the value of each event for each case. Despite catering at many events, we understand the importance to deliver the same quality every time. This event may be once in a life time for you, and it’s an honour for us to be there with you. 

Our story

It all started with us (Nick and Rickard) as 14 year old kids marketing ourselves as cheap helpers at private parties. We printed flyers and business cards which we handed out and posted through postboxes. We became an all-in-one service. We were popping champagne bottles, serving Mousse pur Canard and cooking Gazpacho. This was 10 years ago. Since then, a lot has happened. Nick spent time in Edinburgh and got himself an honours in economics as well as moving to Stuttgart to try a life at a large corporate conglomerate while Rickards got himself a master from The Royal Institute of Technology and became operating manager at a ski resort spending nights in a piste machine. 

Rickard also took this time to start working at Fat Franks Pizza and Wine. A restaurant opened by Per Liljefors. Together they created the Catering business. The idea became a hit and Rickard soon asked if Nick wanted to embark on the adventure together with him. By 2019 we had completed the comeback to catering. 

We have struggled through a lot. Mixers breaking when tomato sauce need mixing, sleepless night because we can’t say no to customers on the other side of Sweden, and a pandemic preventing all events. But when looking back at life it’s up to oneself to decide how to look at it. We see it all as lessons which help us continue to improve in all aspects and make ourselves better for each event. Looking back is however always fun. Together with all of our customers, we have experienced so much. Knowing this makes tomorrow exciting. We look forward to sharing our future with you. 

This story is not our own. We are ever grateful for our beyond fantastic chefs that have worked with us over the years. Over 50 young adults stepping into the world of work have learnt and seen it all with us. Too often do our customers get back to us praising our chefs to the moon. Something that warms us each much every time. 

Naturally, we must thank all of our customers for the great times we’ve shared so far. Our chef Max (with a fear o heights) had a pleasant surprise when he realise he was gonna be the chef at the top floor of Turning Torso. Ludvig had a nice surprise when members of the royal family turned up in the middle of a catering. Filip had a fun time trying a Red Bull obstacle course at an event. All kinds of fun things happen at events. This is why we love what we do. One thing all these events share is that they offer piping hot crispy pizza from Fat Frank’s Catering. 

Välkommen till oss på Fat Frank’s Catering! Har du frågor eller vill boka och vill komma i kontakt med oss direkt, slå en signal till Nick på 0793-299622 så hjälper han er!